In business for 50 years, we’ve sold close to 300 square miles of land and are now liquidating the final few tracts in our inventory. We are offering some of the lowest priced rural acreage to be found anywhere in the United States along with excellent seller financing. Prices start as low as $195 per acre with small down payments and no credit checks. Phone real estate brokers all over the nation and see if you can find lower priced land with better purchase terms anywhere. Some of our land is raw, unimproved, without power, water, or maintained roads and might even be difficult to access during winter months. Thus, we don’t sell land for residential purposes but it is certainly attainable if you take the required steps. However, if you are interested in 20-acre to 640-acre tracts of cheap rural acreage for camping, hiking, outdoor enjoyment or simply as an inheritance for children/grandchildren, then you’ve come to the right website. History has proven that it’s nearly impossible to lose money owning tracts of cheap land if purchased cheap enough and if held long enough!

PS. In order to offer the lowest wholesale prices possible we operate with a very low overhead. We don’t employ real estate agents, we don’t buy you lunch and socialize, we don’t waste money meeting you in person for a big “sales pitch,” and we don’t incur the expense of traveling to show land. We simply provide a map with the parcel marked in the section, range and township (the same way the counties do), and at your own leisure you can decide if you want to purchase and/or view the land. All sales governed on a “first come, first served” basis.

Advantages of Owning Low Cost Land Parcels

  • Financing is readily available with no qualifying or credit checks required.
  • Property taxes are nearly nonexistent.
  • An investment that you can actually use!
  • Low priced land increases in value by inevitable ongoing inflation.

Get your own piece of the Wild West!!

  • +1 (800) 421-7163

Buy any parcel of land over the telephone in 10 minutes time, without credit checks!

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