160-Acres Rochelle Ranch #177


This is a 160-acre parcel located 8 miles North of Rawlins, Wyoming. Grab your own piece of the old west for just $249/acre! A down payment of $1,040 is all you need to secure this property as your own!  $39,840 ($249/ac) with $1,040 down and the balance of $38,800 payable at $395/mo (amortized over 186 months including 9% interest).


Title: 160-acres Rochelle Ranch

Description: A 160-acre tract is huge and measures 2 miles around the perimeter. History proves it is literally impossible to lose money owning land if purchased cheap enough and held long enough. When this limited number of tracts is gone you will never see prices and terms like this again! Where else in the USA can you find one-half square mile of land for this price and terms—and what will this property be worth 10-years from now?

County/State: Carbon County/Wyoming Size: 160-acres

Price: $39,840 ($249/ac) with $1,040 down and the balance of $38,800 payable at $389/ mo (amortized over 186 months including 9% interest).

Legal: SW1/4 SEC 13 T24N R89W, Carbon County, WY (RR177)

Access/Roads: This property is located in the checkerboard area (meaning alternate sections divided between private and the federal ownership) and access is per long standing BLM (Bureau of Land Management) policies (meaning private owners can cross BLM land to get to private property but the public can’t cross private lands to get to BLM property). An actual road, however, may or may not exist at this time.

Mineral Rights: As with most oil producing states the mineral rights have been owned by the exploration companies for many years but a landowner would receive some form of compensation if wells were ever drilled.

Zoning: Basically “agricultural” and if additional uses are anticipated you should contact Carbon County Planning & Zoning Department at (307) 328-2651.

Surveys: All sections were surveyed by the federal government at some time in the past but private surveys for individual 160-acre tracts have not been completed.

Property Taxes: Approximately $70 annually
Improvements: This is raw, undeveloped land and no improvements or homeowner services of any nature are being represented.

Directions: From Rawlins, Wyoming drive north on Hwy 287 approximately 15-miles to where it intersects with Mineral Exploration Road (located on the left or west side of the highway) and County Road 497 (located on the right or east side of the highway); then refer to the parcel map with the arrow pointing to the property (remember that each square on the map represents one square mile).